Panchkarma and its Modality towards the Management of Pain and Related Disorders

  • Neeraj Kanungo
  • Ajit Kumar Ojha
  • Vijayata Kanungo


Ayurveda the science of healing and health restoration encompasses various therapeutic modalities for the treatment of disease and health management, Panchkarma is one such approach of Ayurveda that provides health benefits in many ailments including joint pain. The incidences of pain related diseases increases now a days due to the disturbed pattern of daily regimen and sedentary life style thus it is prerequisite to explore an approach that offers beneficial effects in these conditions without severe side effects and Panchkarma can provide therapeutic response in conditions like; osteoarthritis, sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis, sciatica, myalgia, muscle cramps, sprain and low back ache, etc. Present article summarizes health benefits of Panchkarma in conditions related to pain or joint pain.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Pain, Joint Pain, Panchkarma, Basti


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