Analytical profiling and structure elucidation of flavanoids compounds

  • Rajni Singh Khureja
  • Dinesh Kumar
Keywords: Flavanoid, HPTLC, HPLC, Qurecin, Elucidation


Chromatography is a powerful analytical method suitable for the separation and quantitative determination of a considerable number of compounds, even from complicated matrix. Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) has some advantages such as rapidity, sensitivity, easiness, cheapness and this method does not require complex instrumental equipment. In present study, Quercetin 3 -O -α- d- glucuro pyranoside (miquelianin; QG), quercetin 3-O-α-d glucopyranoside (isoquercitrin), quercetin 3-O-α-d-galactopyranoside (hyperoside) and rutin in ethyl acetate fractions from aerial parts of selected Potentilla species on a HPTLC plates using a mixture consisting of ethyl acetate/methyl ethyl ketone/diisopropyl ether/formic acid (3:10:4:1, v/v/v/v). Rutinosides and quercetin were also eluted using methanol-water-acetic acid (50/44/6, v/v/v) and benzene: pyridine: formic acid (36:9:5). The spot visualization was evaluated under UV light at 254 nm and Ferric chloride reagent.


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