Effects of Diabetes on pulmonary function tests in COPD Patient

  • Bantupalli Suranjan
  • Atluri Deekshit
  • Bala Yaswanth Kumar S
  • Mano Ranjitha Pulivarthi
Keywords: Diabetes, COPD, Pulmonary Function Tests, Hypoglycemia


COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a condition caused by abnormalities in the inflammatory responses of the lungs to irritable particles or gases. This is an irreversible condition that progresses in later years.Diabetes patients have an increased risk of developing abnormal lung functioning and also in conditions of COPD it even worsens the condition, up to 1.6-16% of the COPD population were affected due to diabetes mellitus.Many studies also suggest that the lungs are a target organ in diabetes and glycemic exposure may be a causation factor for reduced lung function. Systemic inflammation, hypoxemia, oxidative stress, altered gas exchange, and changes in lung tissues were the major impacts on the respiratory system which were induced by hypoglycemia. In this study, we aimed to assess the lung functioning in COPD patients with diabetes by performing the pulmonary functions test like spirometry by obtaining the values of FVC, FEV1, FEV/FVC, and PEF thereby analyzing the level of lung dysfunction that has been done. Patients were includes of both genders and were divided into two groups depending on their disease group 1 includes COPD and group 2 includes COPD with DM considering twenty members in each group. Our study results show that diabetes worsens the lung functioning in COPD than it already is, it may also cause respiratory collapse if untreated.


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