Ayurveda & Modern Considerations of Pregnancy in Pandemic Health Scenario: A Review

  • Harkiran Nehra


Ayurveda has mentioned the pandemic situation under term Janapadodhwamsa which spread through Vayu, Jala, Desha and Kala. Microbes undergo evolution with time and novel virus is a evolved virus of SARS group. Outbreak of Covid-19 is severely affecting the world. It is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus-2. It has mainly respiratory and systemic manifestations. People having diabetes, chronic diseases, pregnant women are more prone to this infection; as they are more susceptible towards pathogens and development of severe conditions like pneumonia. Due to the physiological changes during pregnancy, pregnant women are most vulnerable group in this pandemic situation because infection during pregnancy can result in adverse outcomes. Many researches are still in continuation because we are not sure of many evidences till now. Ayurveda in this regards suggested many preventive protocols which can prevent prevalence of disease up to some extent.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Covid-19, Pandemic, Pregnancy


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