Ayurveda View on Infertility and its management w.s.r. to role of Uttar Basti

  • Harkiran Nehra


Ayurveda considers Vandhyatva (infertility) as failure to give birth to a baby or experiencing Garbha Strava (repeated abortion) or Mrutvatsa (still births). The factors such as lifestyle, stress, excessive usage of contraceptives, genetic problems, smoking & drinking habits increases such cases day by day. As per ayurveda Vandhyatva occur due to the vitiation of Vata Dosha which affects basic constituents of Garbha (Rutu, Kshetra, Ambu & Beej). Ayurvedic classics describe both mental and body purification along with lifestyle management for treating infertility. Ayurveda philosopher had mentioned Shamana and Shodhanchikitsa for the treatment of infertility. Panchkarma provides best efficacy because it helps in balancing Doshas and Dushyas. Uttarbasti is one such type of therapy being indicated for infertility. It helps in detoxification of reproductive tract like uterus & fallopian tube. Uttarbasti helps in balancing Vata Dosha and thus helps in retaining Garbha.

Keywords: Infertility, Vandhyatva, Garbha, Uttarbasti, Shodhana


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