A Review on Natural or Herbal Materials and their Properties used in Shalya Tantra

  • Anantkumar V. Shekokar
  • Vd. Manish Choudekar
  • Vd Rajesh Chandrakant Pandit


Shalya Tantara or surgery is prime branch of traditional medical system of India; this branch helps to cures various surgical or para-surgical problems. It provide benefits of quick action and boost process of healing thus provide relief in pathological conditions like; wound, ulcer and cuts, etc. Shalya Tantara utilizes instruments, Kshar and other materials obtained from natural sources. Shalya Tantara not only utilizes but also uses animal based products. These products offer specific therapeutic benefits in various surgical or para-surgical interventions. Considering this present article summarizes importance of natural materials used in Shalya Tantara.

Keywords: Ayurveda, Shalya Tantara, Kshar, Apamarg


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