The formulation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablet Levocetirizine by using synthetic Superdisintegrants

  • Rupali Rana Assistant Professor
  • Nisha Devi
  • Vishal Kumar
  • Reena Thakur
  • Shivali Singla
  • Sachin Goyal


Aim of this research work was to develop mouth dissolving tablet that disintegrates rapidly in mouth by using tasteless complex of Levocetirizine and β-CD. Mouth dissolving Tablets also called as Orodispersible tablets. Formulated Levocetirizine β-CD complex was characterized by infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction pattern. Tablets were developed by direct compression method. Superdisintegrants like Sodium starch glycolate (SSG), Crosscarmellose sodium (CCS) and Crosspovidone (CP) were used for the formulation. Every formulation was subjected to in-vitro tests like wetting time, disintegration test and dissolution test. The in-vitro study showed that increasing the concentration of superdisintegrants lowers the wetting time (WT) and disintegration time (DT) and enhances the drug release percentage of the formulations.

The formulation CPX5 was the most effective formulation as it showed wetting time of 12 seconds, disintegration time of 20 seconds and cumulative % drug release of 41 and 99% at 1 and 10 minutes respectively. The study showed that the formulations containing SSG and CP as the superdisintegrants showed better drug release pattern than the formulations with other superdisintegrants. The study also showed that SSG as the superdisintegrant was more effective for the formulation of orodispersible tablets of levocetirizine dihydrochloride

Keywords: β-CD: Cyclodextrin; Disintegration time; Drug release; Levocetirizine, Superdisintegrants; Orodispersible tablets


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