Physiology of Digestive System w.s.r. to Avastha Paka: an Ayurveda Review

  • Maya A. Gandhe
  • Sagar Rajendra Wagh
  • Shruti Prakashrao Dandale


According to medical science, digestion is the process by which complex food is broken down into its simplest form. These all peculiarities happen in gastrointestinal area. According to Ayurveda, Dhatwagni, Jathragni and Bhutagni are responsible for breaking down complex food into its simplest monomers. The Agni assumes key part in this cycle hence legitimate working of Agni is essential for the stomach related physiology. Grahani or Pakvamashaya is considered as the site of Jathragni. The process of digestion is helped by various components like Kledaka kapha, Pachaka pitta and Samana vayu. Samana vayu stimulates the Pachakagni so that food can be separated, Kledaka kapha softens food, and Pachaka pitta helps in the digestion process. The absorption begins with the utilization of food and this cycle finished in three phases specifically Avastha paka, these phases of Avastha paka are Madhur avastha paka, Amla avastha paka and Katu avastha paka.

Keywords: Avastha paka, Madhur avastha paka, Amla avastha paka, Katu avastha paka


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