Ayurveda View on Bal-Samskara and their Contribution in Human Life

  • Rohit Rajendra Bhala


Samskara means sacraments which are religious conducts and rituals of religious ceremony. Samskara fulfill needs of social completion and gives rights to the individual total attainment. Samskara introduced some essential qualities by means of qualitative improvement and some ritual conducts. The number of Samskara varies from 16-40, but the major practicable Samskara are 16 only (Shodash) which spreads from Garbhadan to Anteysthi samskara. Samskara described for the growth and developments of child and provide religious guideline toward the care of children. Samskara incorporates qualities, begins from the conception and remain inherited to the age of adolescence. Samskara as religious rituals are very important for mental, physical, social and spiritual development of child. Present article explored Ayurveda view on concept of Bal-Samskara.

Keywords: Samskara, Sacraments, Child, Growth, Bala


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